Welcome to the portfolio for TNT Creates.
First of all, you are probably wondering "why TNT Creates" well that's an easy question! My name is Taciana Nichole Thompson, Making initials TNT, and what do I do? I create! I have been a creative person my whole life, always coloring, drawing, doodling, playing with clay... really anything that was about creating something. That was me. 
Now I am a freelance photographer, designer and (learning) programmer. I love to shoot so if you have a project for me, I am likely in. I do however specialize in portraits, weddings, boudoir and, of course, travel.  I am often asked what my "style" is. The best way I can describe it is "storytelling". Every single project I do tells a different story, sometimes an image in a shoot might find it's own story. Everything down to the editing choices I make are just a piece of the story. When I make a logo or a poster, the story is the key. I love to tell a story, your story.  So I may not have that style that you can sum up in three words, or where every image has the same moody shadows, desaturated feel or color choices and consistencies like that. The consistency is that every photo or project tells its story.
Have a look around my portfolio. You will see samples of my photography and some of my projects in graphic design. You will see a link to my resume, this is an ever building site that I add to as I learn more about the web, coding and programming. You will also see a link to my blog, head on over to my self-hosted Wordpress blog after you have had a look around and read about my travels, DIY projects and see even more images! 
Thanks for stopping by!
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